Why Burel?

Unique projects.

The versatility of burel and its high resistance allow for a multitude of applications, which means it resists traction, rupture, pressure and exposure to light, withstanding intensive use, without changing colour and shape, making it ideal for wall coverings, panels, ceilings, dividers, installations and the most diverse interior architecture solutions, for hotels, corporate, artistic and domestic environments.


Acoustic Performance

100% wool, which reduces sound reverberation and limits its propagation. Very effective sound absorption performance: 100% at 3150 kHz. Ideal for commercial spaces, offices, hotels and work areas. A natural barrier against sound.


Thermal Performance

Sheep's wool is so dense that it insulates against heat and cold. With a thermal conductivity of just 0.0450 in 800g burel fabric, and a thermal resistance of 0.27m2ºC/W. Ideal for internal temperature, maintaining a comfortable and pleasant environment.


Permeability Performance

The wool fiber structure is 98.5% wool resistant, which means that even though it absorbs moisture, it dries very quickly. At the same time, it repels dirt, requiring only periodic vacuuming without washing.

Why Burel?


Acoustic solutions.

Burel Factory executes bespoke and tailor-made acoustic solutions, from design to support for the project or work, from concept development to the materialization of the idea, guaranteeing a unique, exclusive identity, highlighted by a wide range of Burel Stitches, colours, textures and weights, entirely made from the wool of Serra da Estrela sheep.

All objects and materials have different acoustic properties in terms of sound behavior, which either absorbs sound waves or reflects them, depending on the frequency. The perception of acoustics involves the study of how these different objects, different materials, and even people, can interfere with the acoustics of the space and the way sound waves flow. Porous objects increase sound absorption, unlike hard objects composed of reflective materials. Lightweight materials and objects also transmit sound more effectively compared to denser, heavier materials.

Acoustic, thermal, water and fire resistant. A high performance natural fabric.

Also available

in these formats:

High-performance sound barriers with a high aesthetic impact and exceptional acoustic and thermal efficiency, while guaranteeing an environment of great comfort.
Modular system of wall panels, to be customised with colour, texture and shape. It takes advantage of the high sound absorption properties of burel, which when tensioned acts as a low-frequency absorber. The ideal solution for containing low sounds.
An artistic, handmade solution for high-performance acoustic panelling, while giving the space a unique identity.
Top marks for acoustic performance and sustainability. Inspired by the extraordinary sound absorption performance of burel curtains - 95 per cent to 100 per cent of sound. They can be completely dismantled for transport and have been designed according to sustainable deconstruction methods.

Acoustic Comfort

The various acoustic solutions developed, in addition to providing a contemporary and innovative aesthetic, provide essential acoustic comfort for the most diverse commercial and domestic spaces. We develop fabrics with different weights, using smooth burel we create various types of hand-sewn Burel Stitches, as well as curtains, modular panels, tangrams, tex-tiles and many other bespoke solutions. In order to improve acoustic performance, we evaluated the placement of various types of materials on the back of the fabric. There is the possibility of creating a wide range of modular and personalized solutions, allowing a wide variety of responses to project teams, offering a greater set of solutions for the most diverse spaces required.

Why Burel

Other advantages


Light Resistance

We have not carried out tests, we recommend the same care as with other fabrics. Burel has the same performance, and natural colours (brown, pearl and sarrubic) do not suffer colour changes.



Rate: 4-5. Washing program ISO 6330:2012, 4M (40OC). Applied Force 180.



600 g/lm Width 150cm | 800 g/lm Width 140cm | 1100 g/lm Width 140 cm



It is fully recyclable and biodegradable. As it is an agro-product (wool) it can be used as a fertilizer.



Burel is easy to maintain. The fiber structure repels dirt and allows for quick cleaning and drying after accidental spills.


Acoustic absorption

All tests are carried out on a cement floor without any space between the fabric and the surface. The results obtained on walls using the panel structure are significantly superior.



Special properties and features. 100% wool, fire resistant, highly impermeable (water resistant), thermal and acoustic insulation, hygroscopic, anti-electrostatic, abrasion resistant, flexible, natural, agro-product, non-fraying.
EN12667:2001. Thermal Resistance ISO 8301:1991. Thermal Resistance (M2.C/W): 0.51. Conductivity (W/(M.OC)): 0.0476
Abrasion resistance (Martindale) / EN ISO 12947-2:1998 + AC:2006. Test conditions: applied pressure (KPA) -121. Conditioned environment: 20+/-20C AND 65+/-4% R.H. Number of cycles: number of rounds 60,000.
The Classification was made in accordance with clause II of the European Standard EN 13501-1:2007 + AI: 2009, September 2009. Classification C-S2, D0. Burel is classified as follows: C. Smoke production classification: S2. The additional classification regarding falling droplets or particles on fire is: D0.


Take advantage of all Burel Factory design features. Our acoustic solutions complement any type of interior architecture. Any wall, any ceiling, any partition, any acoustic need. Get our proposals for wall coverings, panels, modular furniture, rugs, ceilings, made to measure.

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