A Brand woven into a greater Heritage.

Burel Factory is a Portuguese brand, born in Serra da Estrela, dedicated to the preservation and regeneration of the industrial heritage, the deep knowledge of the wool industry that crosses generations, and the unique culture and traditions, its people and its history, that punctuate that same place.

Burel, art trasformed into a fabric.

Burel is an ancestral fabric made of 100% wool, traditionally used by shepherds in Serra da Estrela mountain range. A wool craft and an art form preserved by many hands that still weave, card and spin in ancestral machines that have been heard since the 19th century. We have more than 80 colours available, natural, solid and mélange, with different weights for different applications.

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Comfort in spring colours.

Foresee the new season with our suggestions for Home made by several hands, on looms that date back to all the stories that give greater height to the mountains of Serra da Estrela. Discover our blankets, cushions, rugs, puffs, curtains and other pieces made in a slow and conscious way, in tune with nature that is, and always has been, our first home.

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Discover the Woolclopedia collection.

Woolclopedia is our clothing collection inspired by the factory and the heritage that echoes from Serra da Estrela. Imbued with contemporary design, at times it incorporates the natural tones and textures of the mountain, at times it is part of the color and scenic atmosphere of production at the Burel Factory — the factory and stage where it all happens.

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The Legacy of the Mountain.

Burel Factory's mission is deeply rooted in the recovery and amplification of ancestral processes, to pass on the legacy and knowledge of Portuguese textile production, perpetuate heritage through the preservation, regeneration and innovation of processes, and contribute to the promotion of the Serra da Estrela region and its people.

Burel Factory

We elevate wool to art, burel to culture and Serra da Estrela to a destination.

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