The Tales of a Mountain, all in one factory.

It all started in 1947, the year Lanifícios Império was created, later becoming the most important wool factory in Serra da Estrela. In 2011, we saved the factory from insolvency and initiated the long recovery process of that vast heritage that threatened to vanish. Our mission was to ensure the continuity to the knowledge, the people who transmitted it over generations and the great collection of looms, cards, and ancestral machinery, from a time when the manufacturing was still done by hand.

The factory would become the Burel Factory, a space where history, design and innovation come together as one.

An art made by people and vast knowledge, with processes as immaculate and traditional as possible, to offer the best product that is covered by the preservation of the cultural and industrial heritage of the mountain. With a slow production, sustainable processes and certifications, this is a cultural fabric made by textile innovators who preserve artisanal processes with meaning, tradition and ingenuity.

Inside you can also find a shop where you can buy what you just witness being produced.

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Burel Factory Amieiros Verdes 6260-028 Manteigas

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