Design Philosophy

Mountain Craftsmen.

An object made with love and dedication is different from any other. The art and knowledge of wool, perfected over generations, can be felt in the details, in the design, in the quality of the materials and in the production times.

The Burel Factory is a brand made of its own history; of the time it takes to be told, to be woven and transformed into a project where art is seen in the hands and felt in the heart. A genuine, authentic, and personal art, that carries a bit of each person creating it. From the craftsmen shaped by the endless mountains of Serra da Estrela.

It is these craftsmen, these masters of looms, who master the know-how of wool rooted in those lands, creating a legacy that we now promote and value through an innovative and sustainable approach, without letting the beauty and simplicity of traditional processes succumb to the rush of time.

The Essence of Serra da Estrela.

Our main source of inspiration comes from the Serra. In the colours welcoming the different seasons, the silhouettes of the ever-undetermined horizons, the organic shapes that flatter the landscape and the simplicity of the wool of the sheep that have been shaping it for years on end. It is through the great people of that land that we will drink the knowledge passed from one generation to the next, to bestow something with meaning, that has an impact on history without affecting the stage where it takes place – our Magic Mountain.

We elevate Wool to Art, Burel to Culture and Serra da Estrela to a Destination.

The Industrial Legacy

The industrial heritage of Serra da Estrela woollen products follows a centuries-old historical thread. The region is the epicentre of manufacture, industry, and knowledge of its wool. A wool centre that scaled the local industry polarised in its people. It is this legacy that we recovered through the survey of the patterns that we found in the old drawing books, faded, with woodworm, pencil notes and the names signed by hand.

Much of the design of our throw patterns and our fashion collection comes from these pieces of history. We draw the authenticity of our fabrics from our ancestral looms, the affection of the masters who look at these looms with tenderness because they can see their parents and grandparents in them. We honour these looms with certain pieces created to remember this remarkable art.

The know-how by hand.

Burel is a factory of meanings and purposes, where design and history come together to become one. An art made by people and vast knowledge, with processes as immaculate and traditional as possible, to offer the best product, while preserving the cultural and industrial heritage of the Serra. With a slow production, sustainable processes and certifications, this is a cultural fabric made by textile innovators who preserve artisanal processes with meaning, tradition and ingenuity. A work that, even though it is done on centuries-old looms, is partially created by several hands, that not only finish, sew and add to it, but also drive the old machinery, from a time when the industry was fully manual, conferring great quality in the finish. There are many hands that make this machine, which means factory, work.

Our Masters of Knowledge.

Amelia Monteiro Martins Brazete - Ana Catarina De Jesus Ventura - Ana Catarina Saraiva - Ana Celina Martins - António Saraiva Inácio - Claudia Massano Lopes De Carvalho - Delfina De Jesus Abrantes Pinheiro Patriarca - Dina Bela Ramos Almeida – Diogo António Saraiva - Emília Marisa D’ascenção Silva Ventura – Eduardo Martins Tacanho - Elisabete Sofia Pinheiro De Jesus - Flávio Daniel Leitão Marques - José António Mendes Massano – José Da Neta - José Luis Abrantes Pinheiro - José Luís Saraiva Leitão - João António Massano Abrantes - Luis Miguel Dos Santos Sabugueiro - Maria Amelia Paiva De Carvalho Quaresma - Maria Jose Gomes Paiva - Maria Jose Dos Santos Salvado Pinheiro - Maria Da Graca Saraiva Barbosa Santos - Maria De Fatima Tavares Ramalha Neves - Maria Helena Fonseca Isento Saraiva - Marisa Isabel Martins Massano - Marilia De Jesus Da Costa Massano - Massano - Marta Da Graça Pinheiro Neves Carvalhinho - Olga Carvalhinho Morgado - Paula Cristina Martins Tavares Felix - Rafael Carvalho Costa - Rosa Maria Monteiro Martins Dos Santos - Sonia Isabel Oliveira Brazete Da Silva - Susana Da Graça Paiva Da Silva - Teresa Maria Da Fonseca Saraiva Serra - Suzi Paula Afonso Batista - Tânia Sofia Silveira Fatela - Vitor Hugo Martins

Our Designers.

Over the years, partnerships with Portuguese designers have been growing, for we believe the national consecrated or new coming talent enables innovation and, through it, a greater legacy.

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