Acoustic Solutions

The natural solution for your project.

Let us embody your idea and develop your project. Burel Factory offers total creative freedom with acoustic solutions that allow you to overcome acoustic challenges, while valuing aesthetic quality and thermal comfort. Any wall, any panel, any curtain, any pattern, any tangram can be customized and adapted to your needs and function. Show us your idea to us because there are no impossible walls.

Acoustic curtains

High-performance sound barriers with high aesthetic impact and exceptional acoustic and thermal efficiency, whilst ensuring an environment of great comfort.

Wall Art.

Our Wall Art is modular, acoustic, natural, innovative and with infinite customization possibilities. A form of expression that reflects the memories of Serra da Estrela, the heritage of burel and wool, to elevate the mountain's heritage through design, creativity and textile innovation.

Space dividers.

Top score in acoustic performance and sustainability. Inspired by the extraordinary acoustic absorption performance of burel curtains — 95% to 100% sound — the high-performance space dividers are also fully detachable for easy transport and were designed according to sustainable deconstruction methods.


Modular pieces of furniture, where the centuries-old tradition of burel combines with the latest design trends, with comfortable proposals and a unique and innovative design.

Wall coverings.

Burel Factory's acoustic solutions elevate the acoustic, aesthetic and thermal quality of spaces. Solutions used to promote productivity and well-being, whatever the type of design or project. Available in any shape, over 80 colours and 20 patterns, Burel Factory acoustic solutions offer endless creative flexibility and exceptional longevity.