Art and Home

The New Burel Factory Art and Home Collection expresses itself in a unique way, to tell stories and preserve the wisdom of past generations. Transforms and reinvents functional objects into pieces filled with essence, comfort and soul, to value the handmade things and the ancient wool culture of Serra da Estrela region.

A set of pieces to create unique and welcoming environments, with rich textures and sublime simplicity, where the ancestral heritage of burel and the legacy of wool give greater depth and meaning to your home.

Tradition and Innovation

The New Collection promotes a meeting between the ancestral tradition of wool and the innovation of applying this deep knowledge to art, design and contemporary environments, without losing the authenticity and essence of the burel that represents the entire mountainous region of the interior of Portugal and their communities. A tangible legacy that links us to the past, while perpetuating artistic expressions that aspires the future.

The hands speak. They embody authenticity and unsubmissive sensoriality. They echo sensibilities, touch memories and leave a collection of fingerprints that tell all the stories perpetuated through the burel heritage, at a master's pace, slowly made, to leave nothing more than the soul in everything that is done.