The First Chapter of a New Story.

The new Woolclopedia collection is the beginning of a new stage for Burel Factory. It presents meaningful clothes made to last, embodying the Portuguese mountain heritage and secular textile knowledge. Evidence of the process and craftsmanship, to make it more meaningful, more traditional, more authentic. A rapprochement with our origins and the deep knowledge we preserve, from our hands to yours. Promoting knowledge, valuing wool — the first step in a new story.

Conscious and Limited Collection.

The collection is limited to 100 units per reference and all production waste is recycled and reused. A path at the pace of sustainability supported by slow production processes and sustainable certifications, to give more meaning to the pieces we weave.

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Timeless. Made to last.

Timeless, Seasonless. A set of pieces made to last, inspired by the textile archive and manual processes in our factory. The production standards of the fabrics used were challenged and relevated, with the development of new weights of burel, that originated this collection to be worn all year round.


The Art made by several Hands.

The production process at Burel Factory is partially done by hand, following craftmanship knowledge and ancient weaving methods, from the time when the industry was done by hand. Production is conducted by 19th-century machines, which provide greater authenticity and quality in the finishings.

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The Legacy of the Mountain.

Burel Factory's mission is deeply rooted in the recovery and amplification of ancestral processes, to pass on the legacy and knowledge of Portuguese textile production, perpetuate heritage through the preservation, regeneration and innovation of processes, and contribute to the promotion of the Serra da Estrela region and its people.

Burel Factory

We elevate wool to art, burel to culture and Serra da Estrela to a destination.

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