Burel Factory Presents


Woolclopedia is the first part of a new story. A collection inspired by the factory and the heritage that echoes from Serra da Estrela. Imbued with contemporary design, at times it incorporates the natural tones and textures of the mountain, at times it is part of the color and scenic atmosphere of production at the Burel Factory — the factory and stage where it all happens.

Fashion is about telling a good Story.

“Fashion is about telling a good story. It's being able to tell about a brand's heritage, from the inside out. The origin, the value and the place that will never be the same as anyone else's, for the people within. For the memory that accumulates in the sum of the parts, in the history that means identity. The true notion of heritage was all I absorbed as I went to work abroad with fabrics like Harris Tweed, Alexanders of Scotland and even Liberty’s. It was there that I realized and learned what textile heritage is, meaning a deep patrimony. With that distance, I realized the immensity of our Portuguese heritage and it was a part of it that I found here at Burel Factory. To be able to tell this story, which is screaming in the four walls of the factory, in the books, in the machines and in the people of those mountains, to preserve and add something. Because the world maybe doesn't need another brand, but it needs more meaning.” — Filipa Homem, Designer and Creative Director

Limited Edition 1/100

The collection is limited to 100 units per reference and all production waste is recycled and reused. A truly sustainable path supported by slow production processes and sustainable certifications, aligned with the best partners in the textile industry to give more meaning to the pieces we weave. A conscious edition from start to finish.

Made of more Hands than Machines.

Although using looms from another era, the process at the Burel Factory is partly done by hand following artisanal knowledge and ancestral weaving processes — since the time when the industry was done by hand, fabric production has been carried out by machines of the 19th century that confer greater authenticity and quality. We don't believe in mass production: rather, many hands make this factory work. More hands than machines, more locales and family generations than ever before - even retired weavers who continue to feed new generations with their craftsmanship.

Timeless. Seasonless.

New icons. A set of pieces made to last, inspired by the textile archive and the manual processes collected at the Burel Factory. A collection where fabric production standards were challenged and raised. New weights of burel were tested, which resulted in this timeless approach, ready to be used all year round.