The Shepherd Collection

The Shepherd Collection is made of pieces with a traditional and ancestral burel pattern used in the vests of Serra da Estrela mountain shepherds. A set of timeless pieces, made of time, that reflect the mountain lifestyle and the ancestral roots of burel through its original pattern that is still used today in those mountains.

With natural colours, timeless neutrals, quality and durability ensured by the high resilience of burel, perfect for the cold season.

A set of pieces that portray the historical legacy of the Serra and the roots of burel fabric, which continues to be produced as it has always been, slowly, by hand, to the rhythm of the masters and textile innovators who bring it to life with tradition and ingenuity.

Art, mastery and know-how

Even though we use looms from another era, the Burel Factory process is partially done by hand following artisanal knowledge and ancestral weaving processes, which provide greater authenticity and quality. More hands than machines, more places and family generations than ever before — even retired weavers who continue to feed new generations with their art and craftsmanship.

The hands speak. They embody authenticity and unsubmissive sensoriality. They echo sensibilities, touch memories and leave a collection of fingerprints that tell all the stories perpetuated through the burel heritage, at a master's pace, slowly made, to leave nothing more than the soul in everything that is done.