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Explore Burel Factory is a program with the creative direction of Rui Tomás, the mastery of our mountain artisans and curated by Burel Factory. A proof of the work carried out in the recovery of burel fabric, in the valorization of wool and the deep knowledge of the loom masters who preserve this knowledge in their hands, the ability to innovate through unique approaches to the fabric when applying it to art, architecture and design.

We create Design to celebrate Art

We rewrote all the stories to bring their best chapters to today. To embody them as objects made from the past, useful in the present and with a solid goal of preserving them in the future. A journey towards the unknown, looking for innovation to explore new ideas, new concepts and discover new ways of working raw materials, valuing them to keep on elevating their unique features and the soul of burel fabric, which brings with it a deep knowledge of generations with all the stories of Serra da Estrela within.

Design was made for everyone

Mobility, performance, sustainability and design are concepts that embody the new collection of iconic objects created by Rui Tomás for Burel Factory, made from textile waste and designed under the principles of design for disassembly, which combine design with mobility, turning them into ecological nomads, some of them with high acoustic performance.

As seen on LISBON by DESIGN

An exclusive and intimate show of the best Portuguese design, which Burel Factory is part of with a curatorship of its best products and novelties to continue the art of working wool and extend the ancestry of burel, the most endogenous fabric of Serra da Serra, through innovative products developed from the discovery of new ways of working the fabric, textile waste and all the science behind the wool.